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Start by typing your topic and we will generate a map of related keywords, concepts, and more.

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How it works

Entity Explorer example mind map

Entity Explorer will analyze your topic and generate a map of related keywords, concepts, and even other entities.

This "mind map" helps you see how search engines might categorize your topic and gives you a ton of content ideas to brainstorm from.

When a marketer partners with a white label SEO provider, they gain access to a range of SEO services such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, content creation, and performance tracking. The white label SEO provider typically remains behind the scenes, executing the tasks on behalf of the marketer's clients without any direct interaction.


Content creation power with Entity Explorer's features:

Interactive Mind Map UI Icon

Interactive Mind Map UI

Explore connections between keywords, concepts, and entities visually with an easily understandable interactive UI.

Topic Brainstorming Icon

Topic Brainstorming

Uncover related keywords, concepts, and entities to spark content ideas for your page or content.

Content Mapping Icon

Content Mapping

Visually map out your topic, revealing connections and potential content structure for your page.

Search Engine Thinking Icon

Search Engine Thinking

See your topic from a search engine's perspective four your SEO, helping you optimize content.

Page Improvement Icon

Page Improvement

Generate ideas to strengthen existing content based on keyword analysis, concepts or more.

Collaborative Editing Icon

Collaborative Editing

Edit entities and keywords within the map for a more focused brainstorm with your team.

Uses for SEO

SEO’s can leverage its unique capabilities to supercharge their SEO strategy in several ways. Here are 3 key uses of Entity Explorer that can help you dominate search results:

Keyword Research Icon

Keyword Research

Use Entity Explorer to brainstorm relevant keywords and related concepts for your target topic.This helps you create content that search engines are likely to rank for and users are actively searching for.

Page Content Optimization Icon

Page Content Optimization

Analyze existing content with Entity Explorer. Find gaps and opportunities to include related keywords and concepts that strengthen your content and improve its search engine ranking.

Topic - Subtopic Clustering Icon

Topic - Subtopic Clustering

Build a content cluster by using Entity Explorer to identify subtopics and related entities. This allows you to create a series of interlinked pages that provide comprehensive information on, your website's user experience.


Map Editing Icon

Map Editing

Keyboard Arrow Down
Add subtopic and other functions
Main topic

Add Subtopic

User can add subtopic by left clicking the “+” icon.

Other functions

By clicking you can find entities, stretch it, find topics or mass suggest.

Add, edit, remove a subtopic

Allows users to edit the map and automatically insert head terms when right clicking on the topic/subtopic.

Add topic or subtopic

User can add topics or subtopic by clicking the “+” icon.

Remove topic or subtopic

User can remove topics or subtopic by clicking the “-” icon.

Edit topic or subtopic name

User can modify topics or subtopic name by clicking the “h” icon

Save Maps Icon

Save Maps

Keyboard Arrow Down
Save maps icon
Save maps

For saving maps you first need to register, user can save a map by entering a topic input and then clicking "Save Map" in the upper right corner.

Accessing other maps

Users can access previous saved maps by clicking the "my maps" link, they will be listed from last map added to first.

Download maps icon

Download Maps

Keyboard Arrow Down
Download JSON icon
Download JSON

To download a map, first you have to login and access "my maps" page, then hover the map you want to download and click the download icon

It will start to download the map as JSON file.